Our first blog post, exciting!

Hi, it’s Hannah! One half of the Ooh Mama duo. This is also our first blog post, how exciting! We’ve really been looking forward to this moment- having a website and now being able to share our lives (and hopefully get guest bloggers to share their tips on all things parenting!) with you all!

Let’s start from the beginning, why we started Ooh Mama. Both Sally and I felt (when we became new parents and even now) that there wasn’t much out there to support mums. Of course there seems to be millions of baby and toddler groups and classes, but in terms of friendly, non-judgemental support and get togethers, these were seriously lacking. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a baby group - anything that entertains your child which in turn leads to a mammoth nap so we can enjoy a cuppa, gets our vote! But we needed more. We needed friendly advice, we needed like minded friends, we needed a chance to just be us without anyone judging us. So that’s where Ooh Mama came in. We have now hosted 4 events and were on a roll (thanks global pandemic!) but we are back stronger than ever! We’ve listened to what the mums want and we have been able to tailor our events even further. We have just hosted our first ‘mums only’ event and what a huge success that was! Prosecco instead of a cuppa (winning!) and a chance to do some exercise and meet some new potential friends! We have so many ideas for our next event - thinking we ought to involve the kids in this one! So watch this space. We are always open to ideas on what you want to see at an event, so please please do drop us a message. In the meantime, YOU’VE GOT THIS MAMA and we’ve got you all the way.

Love and hugs

Hannah and Sally XOXO

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