Those two dreaded words (here we go again)…

I for one did not think we would be back here again but here we are, embracing (errrr no) the position of teacher (mother, wife, friend, cook, cleaner, bum wiper etc etc etc etc)

As a teacher, my heart goes out to you. It’s a tough gig at the best of times and it is my job! You didn’t sign up for this, so cut yourself some slack and grab yourself a coffee whilst I try to provide you with some tips and tricks to get you through the weeks ahead.

Phonics! The word that parents hate, it fills them with dread. Fear not, I have a website that offers games through all the phases, so you can sit back and "relax" whilst your little one/s get on with it.


username- jan21

password- home

Whilst children are off school, phonics play have opened up their website so you can access it at home for free! It is full of fun games (teacher recommended!) and children from reception upwards can get on with them independently!

BBC Teach- A winner to use a home. Full of resources, videos and games it’s a great resource to have up your sleeve!


Trusted Twinkl (a teacher favourite!) have launched a home learning hub- free access to parents, full of activities to keep everyone entertained (Do I hear a second cup of coffee? Get the marshmallows for a home-made hot choc!)


Oxford Owl are also helping by offering free resources to parents, including a free e-library!


This whole situation is completely daunting, without the pressure of home schooling so PLEASE reach out to your friends, family, teachers and US for help…you are not in this alone.

We hope the above is helpful and will do our best to provide more. In the meantime feel free to email us at oohmamauk@gmail.com for anything else…even just to rant!

Take care,

Hannah and Sally xoxo

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